Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why don't we see more miracles?

In the first reading today we see what most readers of the Bible would call a miracle, a seismologist would call it an earthquake, others a coincidence.
 As I talk to those who finding themselves doubting the Bible and their faith, often one of the things you here is "Why don't we see miracles like the ones in the Bible today?" I would argue that in fact we do, we simply often have the wrong concept of a miracle.
Most people when you say miracle think of some flashy violation of the laws of physics, like the parting of the Red Sea as depicted in the movies. What we need to realize is that, at its foundation, a miracle is a miracle because in the event someone has a profound experience of the presence of God. The account in the first reading today includes no "special effects" (lights, voices, etc.). It is a simple earthquake, but in the ordinary geological event, the apostle, the jailer, and who knows how many others, encounter God.

May each of us today, keep our eyes open for the miracles in our life.