Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If such mighty deeds had been seen...

In today's gospel we see Jesus in an unusually angry mood, frustrated over the lack of proper response to the wonders they had seen.
Having just returned from Costa Rica, I was once again truly disturbed at the living conditions of so many people, and it is clearly getting worse and we have become so focused on ourselves so don't even see what is a two and half hour flight away.
We have become so accustomed to living with surplus we think we have a right to it, and fear loosing it. I am not yet 50 and grew up with one car and one bathroom. How many of us would be content and thankful to God if that was our state today? Even in the present economy we are still living better than most of the world and want more, and rail if we the we are going to have to give up any of what we have.
Instead we should thank God for the AC, the grocery story down the street, the ability to drink the water out of the tap, the electricity that works every day, and the hundreds of other little things most of the world doesn't have.