Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dedication of St. John Lateran

If someone were to ask "Which church in Rome is the cathedral of the diocese?", most people would probably answer St. Peter's.
The cathedral church of the Pope is the one we celebrate today, St. John on Lateran Hill. It's real name is "The Arch-basilica of the Most Holy Savior and Saints John the Baptist and the Evangelist." (interesting to note that both Johns are included in the name.)

It is the one church whose dedication we celebrate throughout the world because as the Cathedral of the Bishop of Rome, the Pope, it stands as a symbol of the unity of the universal church. It was consecrated in the year 324 and has seen the church through many successes and failures.

As any old house owner can tell you, if the foundation of the building is good, the rest can be repaired. And the readings today remind us that our church is built on the perfect foundation, Jesus Christ.

As we celebrate the dedication of our ancient church, we recognize it needs some repairs, but with Christ as our sure foundation we have nothing to fear.