Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Modern Family

This morning as we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family I woke up to one of the local networks looking for the local versions of "the modern family" based on a television program. One of the things you realize very quickly if you think about it is that "modern" is a constantly moving target. What was modern in 1950 is now antique. Even the word modern has in some people's minds become so old-fashioned that they want to refer to today as "post-modern" which begs the very definition of modern. How do you keep up?

You don't. As Christians we are called not to strive to be the modern family but to strive to be the holy family. This doesn't mean a rejection of technology or science or medicine, but simply reminding ourselves of what has always made anything, anyone, or any place holy, the presence of God. In our Catholic tradition we have decorated our home with art(crucifixes, statues, and pictures) to remind ourselves of that presence of God.

We are also reminded on this Feast that part of the mission of the Church is to be the Holy Family. With God-Our Father, Mary-our Mother, Jesus- our brother, and every church-our home, to be that place of love and security especially for those who feel alone and unloved in our world.

On this Feast of the Holy Family may every Catholic Parish and Christian Church throughout the world be renewed in it's mission to be the Holy Family, a sanctuary for all need.