Saturday, February 12, 2011

Male and female he created them

Critics of religion will at times used terms like male dominated and patriarchal to describe the bible. In fact the world as set forth in genesis was far from that reality. The creation story tells us that they were created "ish" and "ishah,"equal counterparts of a single humanity.

It is not until after the fall, according to genesis, that this balance is distorted.

Yet your urge shall be for your husband,and he shall be your master.

The subjection of women to men, like death, is seen as one of the many results of the entry of sin into the world, not the world as God would have it to be.

In these days we pray for the people of Egypt, a country that is 90% Muslim and 10% Christian. We saw the two groups work together to give birth to a peaceful revolution, but now the real work begins, the shaping of a new country.

Two of pressing questions will be the place of women and the place of religion, let us pray that both will be truly free in the new Egypt.