Monday, April 11, 2011

Courage to be alone

In today's first reading we have the story of Sussana, unjustly accused, condemned to death, and saved only by her faith combined with the courage of Daniel. Sussana prayed, God heard her prayer and inspired Daniel. But imagine what might have happened had Daniel lacked the courage to stand out from the mob screaming for her death and defend her.

This reading also reminds us of the millions of women around the world who even now in the 21st century lack the most basic human rights. The story of Susanna continues to be repeated around the world, but for most of these women there is no Daniel. The rest of the populace around them is too beaten down and terrorized by their own leaders to speak up.

Daniel heard that voice of God deep within his heart. He knew what was right. He had the power to change the outcome and he recognized his moral responsibility. Was he sure he would prevail in court? No, but he did what he could.

Let us pray that God will continue to inspire new Daniels and that the Daniels of our age have that same courage.