Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trust or Fear

In the first reading today we have the vision of Ezekiel who is taken by angel to a body of water and walk with him. The water is first ankle deep, then knee deep then waist deep, then over his head.

How far will we go? How much real trust do we have?

Water is one of the most interesting symbols in the bible in that it has a variety of opposing meanings. It represents life and is a necessity. It represents death, as in the great flood, and was feared. Drowning is still one of those primal fears in the human psyche.

How far into the water will I go with God? How far before I fear? At what point does the fear turn into panic?

In Exekiel's vision after the deep water the scene jumps. We are transported to the bank of the river teeming with life, along whose banks are lush trees filled with fruit.

Each day brings its own challenges. Some days ankle deep, some days knee deep, and some days over our head. Through it all what should continue to resonate in our heads are those words of Jesus we hear at mass, "my peace I leave you, my peace I give you."

In truth we have nothing to fear, if we hold tight to the belief that He really is always with us. Even in the deepest water, we will not drown, we swim. We swim in the ocean of God's abundant grace.