Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Do you really love them?

The gospel today opens again with a rather harsh word, "reproach", or so it appears.

Reproach- to express disapproval or disappointment

Is that really such a bad thing? When someone we love (and that is supposed to be everyone including our enemies) is engaged in self-destructive behavior aka sin, which is more loving: to be silent or to say something?

Starting when we are children if no one ever expresses disapproval or disappointment, how will we know? Here we need to distinguish.

Judgmental people are those who sit around and pass judgement on others toward the wrong end. There "concern" is almost always shared not with the person in question, but with a third party. They are not genuinely concerned with helping someone be a better person.

Real friends are those who will tell us the truth. They tell us to our face what others will only say behind our backs. Unless we are perfect the truth is that everyone need a little reproach now and then.