Saturday, September 8, 2012

Divine Providence

On December 8th we celebrated the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our belief that God preserved her free from the stain of original sin, a preparation to be the fitting Mother of God.

Today, nine months later, we celebrate her birth. Unlike Jesus there is no scriptural record. We do not know precisely when nor where, but that doesn't take away the importance of celebrating her birthday.

More than just a celebration of an ancient event, this day also reminds of of two truths that apply to each of us. First, that every human life is sacred, to be cherished and protected. Secondly, we, like Mary, were all created for a purpose. Only God can ultimately know that purpose. We we willfully terminate any human life, either before birth or after, we deny these truths.

How can we dare to judge what contribution a person might make to the world? Even the person lying in a nursing home, or locked in a federal prison for life may touch some life, and be a link in a chain of events that we could never foresee.

Today as we celebrate the brith of Mary, let us celebrate every human life.