Tuesday, December 18, 2012

God with us

In today's gospel we get Matthew's nativity and the proclamation of Jesus as Emmanuel, God with us. This same gospel ends with the promise, " I am with you always until the end of the world."

Do we call God and his teaching into our current debates? There does not seem to be one thing but an unholy trinity at the center of the debate: ease of access to assault weapons, lack of access to mental health services, and glorification of violence.

What would Jesus say about the modern first person shooter video "game"? Given the reality of the graphics what Christian would consider these entertainment? We condemn pornography for the way it dehumanizes and objectifies persons. How are these so-called games more respectful of human life?

What would Jesus say about the assault weapon whose sole purpose is to destroy human life? Unlike the hunting rifle or pistol which have other, moral purposes, I can find no moral purpose for non-military and law enforcement persons to have access to these.

What does a parent do with their problem child, in a society where the minute the child turns 18 unless they are an immediate danger to self or others you have no say in their life? And even when they are younger, unless you have exceptional insurance, mental health care is expensive and difficult to access.

Christianity has always understood the importance of freedom, and human rights, but we have always recognized that none of these are absolute and all come with responsibility.

The human right is the right to life.

Perhaps these children will cause us to find the proper equilibrium.