Friday, July 12, 2013


Finally after years of ups and downs the story of Jacob(Israel) reaches a moment of peace Joseph and his Father Jacob are reunited. The people of Israel have a place to live and peace.

We all know of course it will not last. I cannot last, not in this world. The very nature of this world is change. Everything in the universe is motion and change.

I marvel at the number of people who call themselves Christian and simultaneously act as if it is possible to freeze time, or even more absurdly role it back. Neither is possible. And if we are truly Christian neither should be desired.

The Christian faith accepts movement and change. We know that time moves in only one direction, forward. We know that it is move like a wave than a line; there will be inevitably ups and downs. But most importantly we want time to move forward because we know the end of the journey, the Kingdom of God.

Because we know the end point we have no need to fear. We have know need to run around like Chicken Little screaming that the sky is falling. And even in those moments when we are experiencing real pain and suffering we know it cannot last, it too must change. We not only accept the transitory nature of the world, we celebrate it every time we pray

Thy kingdom come.