Friday, April 25, 2014

One more commandment

One of the great Christian mistakes it to think that there are only 10 commandments. Any practicing Jew will tell you there are more than 600 in the Old Testament. Many of those we are not held to as Christians. And while Jesus gives us the two great commandments, there are many more in the New Testament. The problem is that no one has complied a list. Any time the imperative is used, do this or don't do that, it is a command.

Today we are commanded by Peter to cast all our worries upon him[Jesus]. Actually the word merimna is more equivalent to our word anxiety. And before you say well that didn't come from Jesus, I would invite you to read Mt 6:25 and following.

It sounds so simple. It may even sound a little naive. But in reality it is the measure of our faith. How much are we truly willing to trust God? What he wants us to do is trust him completely. And the more we can trust God, and cast our anxieties, our worries on him, the closer we will come to peace.

Today we would find some quiet time to look inside and see if there is any worry or anxiety in us. If there is then we must throw it to Jesus. Let him have every bit of it. He wants it. He wants us to get rid of it. Like the cleaning out of leaven before Passover we must root out ever little speck.

Jesus died to set us free. Let's not throw away our freedom on something as useless as worry.