Saturday, July 19, 2014

Who do we blame?

We like life simple. When something happens, we immediately jump to the question of who is at fault. The problem is that it is rarely one person. Sure, the final action may have been carried out by one person, but was that one person the only one responsible?

Today's first reading looks behind the final actor. 

Woe to those who plan iniquity, and work out evil on their couches

Every war begins with planners, some one or ones who plan the first attack. There is deliberation and decision. And as the prophet Micah reminds us those people are rarely in the field; they are "on their couches." They work out, first a rationalization to justify their actions, then they work out the plan. They often stay a comfortable distantace from the death and distruction. But the responsibility is theirs. 

This weekend we pray for the 298 whose earthly lives were cut short by a missle. We pray for their families. But let us also pray for all those people around the world who are at this moment planning the distruction of others, any others, not just Americans.  We pray for the victims and as Christians we pray for the planners on their couches. Until their hearts are chnaged, there will always be another war.