Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How much is all?

As we continue to mediate on St. Paul's Second Letter to the church in Corinth, today we reach a verse which encapsulates St. Paul's understanding of God's grace. In verse 8 of chapter 9 we read,

God is able to make every grace abundant for you, so that in all things, always having all you need,  you may have an abundance for every good work

St. Paul's repeated use of every and all presents not just abundance but a kind of superabundance beyond what we could ever need or even imagine.  We have all probably said or sung the words "there is nothing I shall want" from Psalm 23 more times than we can count, and yet the question remains do we really grasp it, or believe it. 

If we could truly embrace this image of God, his love and his grace, we could live stress free lives.  Notice, I did not say problem free.  No where does God promise that.  As long as we live there will be challenges in life, but if we allow ourselves to embrace the superabundance of God's love and grace, we have no reason to fear, no reason to stress. We can be at peace. 

There is of course one limitation in this verse.  This grace is only there to enable us to do every GOOD work. Any thing we choose to do which is not good, we do on our own. But when we try to do the will of God, as best we understand it, we can trust that at every moment, God's grace flows to us, and through us. 

Today as we carry out even the simple tasks let us remain mindful of that grace of God.