Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Title says it All

The official English translation is finally available and now everyone in the English speaking world can read for themselves what the Pope has and has not changed.

The new instructions for Tribunals sets forth the Pope's vision in the first words, "Mitis Iudex" (official translation Gentle Judge).
With two words, we see clear Pope Francis's understanding of Jesus as Judge and the model for all human judges.

The most well-known appearance of the word mitis is in the Vulgate's translation of the Beatitudes. In the Beatitude, one who is mitis will inherit the earth.  (Mt. 5:5)  St. Matthew uses the same word in the Palm Sunday Gospel describing Jesus as King who will come meek (mitis in Latin, praus in Greek) and riding on an ass." (Mt. 21.5)

Whether one translates it as meek, humble, or gentle, I think we all can get the idea. It is how any of us would like to be judged.  It is justice, tempered with mercy, but more than that it is a manifestation of the boundless love of God.

It is easy when we feel we are the victim to confuse justice and vengeance.  It is why a victim should never be the judge.

May every judge at every level, particularly those who are Christians look to this model, the model of the one true Judge, Jesus Christ.