Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mark the Evangelist

When we Latin Rite Catholics think of St. Mark, we may of the great Basilica and Square in Venice. But there is a much older place we should call to mind, Alexandria in Egypt.

In the history of Christianity there are five great centers: Jerusalem, Rome, Antioch, Constantinople (Istanbul), and Alexandria. We think of Egypt and we think Moslems. But long before the Islamic religion came into existence St. Mark who wrote the gospel, went to Egypt somewhere around 42 AD and established Christianity. He was the first Bishop of Alexandria. The Christians who trace their religious heritage to St. Mark are known by the language they still use in their liturgy, Coptic.

Unfortunately many Christians who knew nothing of the history heard the word Coptic for the first time on Palm Sunday when two of their churches were attacked. One of the churches that was attacked was St. Mark's Cathedral in Alexandria.

Today as the Church celebrates the Feast of St. Mark let each of us pray for our Coptic brothers and sisters not only in Egypt but scattered around the world. Every time we read the gospel of St. Mark we should remember them, members of one of the oldest Christians churches in the world.