Monday, December 11, 2017

What about the others

Today’s gospel is the familiar story of the friends whonlower the paralyzed man through the roof. At first glance it is a beautiful story about the power of intercession. Jesus sees the faith of the friends and cures the paralyzed man. 

But what about the other characters in the story? The reason they have to open the roof is that even the friends with all their faith can’t get past the crowd   .  One individual would be no problem but when the individuals come together and form a crowd, it is too much to handle. 

Advent, like Lent,  is a time to examine our lives. In particular, we are called to ask how prepared we are for the second coming of Christ.

 Like the friends, if you are reading this, you are probably already a person  of faith. But all of could draw closer to Christ. So we must ask: Is there a “crowd” in my life? The crowd can be people but can also be things, things that so occupy our attention that there is little time for Jesus. 

As we prepare the way of the Lord in Advent, perhaps we can take a few minutes to clearly identify the crowd in our lives, so that we do not have to climb on the roof, we can thin out the crowd that stands between us and Jesus so we can enter his house with a pure heart, and be ready to receive him.