Friday, February 9, 2018

Pope to those who preach

On Wednesday as part of his teaching regarding mass Pope Francis spoke to those who preach snd those who listen to preaching. Here is part of his talk. 

Whoever has the homily should carry out their ministry well – those who preach, the priest or the deacon or the bishop –, by offering a true service to those who participate in the mass, but also those who listen to them should do their part. Above all lending due attention, that is, assuming the proper interior disposition without subjective pretense, recognizing that every preacher has his strengths and weaknesses. At times there is a basis for annoyance from a homily that is long. or unfocused or incomprehensible but at other times it is prejudice that creates the obstacle. Whoever gives a homily should be conscious that he is not doing his own thing, he is preaching, giving voice to Jesus, preaching the Word of Jesus. The homily should be well prepared and should be brief, brief! A priest once told me the story of going to another town where his parents lived and his father told him, “You know, I am very happy because my friends that I have found a church where there is mass without a homily!”. And how many times during the homily some are sleeping, others chatting or going outside to smoke a cigarette… For that reason, please, may the homily be brief and well prepared. And how does one prepare a homily, dear priests, deacons, and bishops? How does one prepare oneself? With prayer, with the study of the Word of God and by creating a clear and brief synthesis that should never go longer than 10 minutes, please

His words remind those who preach and those who listen to do their part with more careful attention.