Thursday, January 20, 2011

The messianic secret

In the gospel today we have one of many examples in the Gospel of Mark when Jesus is identified and the person identifying him as the messiah is silenced, Why would Jesus not want the world to know that he is the messiah?

We need to remember that the people at the time had very clear ideas about what kind of leader they wanted. They believed they needed a messiah who would be a strong military force to crush their adversaries. Jesus knows that the world "messiah" is a politically charged term, and he knows that he has been sent to give them the salvation they needed and not the salvation they wanted.

He would have die on the cross before people would be able to get, and even then many those closest to him still didn't get it. We see Christianity as the worldwide religion that it is today, and we forget that it took a long time for this to happen. It often takes a long time for people to truly hear and accept the truth, particularly when the truth will require painful sacrifice,