Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Do we allow it anymore?

As we continue to read how Saul, before his conversion, persecuted the Church, and what a zealot he was I can help but wonder how he would fair today.

While we Christians may still talk use words like repentance, forgiveness, and conversion, do we live them anymore? Now that anyone's sin can be capture and preserved forever by Google and YouTube do we allow for the possibility of change?

If St. Paul were alive today how many times would we see his former ranting against Christians replayed? How many times would we see the video of him instigating at the stoning of Stephen?

Of the seven sacraments of the Church, only two, Eucharist and Penance, are meant to be received regularly as an ordinary part of Christian living. We need both on a regular basis because conversion to Christ is not a one time event, it is a lifelong journey. Along the way all of us stumble and fall many times. The road is less like the interstate and more like the cow path that twists and turns through the countryside.

Perhaps how modern obsession with watching the failures and sins of others is simply and avoidance mechanism. As long as we are look out at the sins of other we don't have to really look inward. Perhaps we would be better to reverse the system point our charity outward toward others and point our critical eye in.