Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Not just for Children

Today the Church celebrates our belief in guardian angels. This belief is not unique to Christianity, but is shared by many other religions, a trust that their is a unique spirit entrust with the care of each one of us.

Some may ask why does it matter? Why is this important? My answers would be two. Firstly, it is important because it is true and they are their to help us, particularly in the moments when we struggle most.

Secondly, they remind us of an important aspect of our understanding of God. We are not a people who believe in a God who created the world and then stepped back. We do not believe in a God who passively sits back in some far distance heaven watching us struggle through life, or see us as one more creature on one tiny planet in the universe.

Guardian angels are a reminder to us that ours is a personal faith. Our God does not simply love and care for us as a group, abstractly. Our faith is in a God who cares for every single individual, who loves every single person every created so much so that a spiritual being an angel was also created assigned by God to watch over that person.

With God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), Mary our Mother, the Saints in heaven and our guardian angel, how can anyone ever truly be alone, or unloved.