Monday, November 19, 2012

The on-going apocalypse

Today we pick up on what I talked about yesterday regarding apocalyptic literature, the the intros to chapters one and two of the Book of Revelation. Again it is the perfect balance. On the one hand there is a sense not of anger but disappointment in how far the recipient of the message has fallen. On the other hand, there is the good news that all the person has to do is "repent."

The word translated as repent, metanoisis, means more literally to change your way of thinking. It sounds so simple. In reality, it is very difficult to change our fundamental ways of looking at the world. And with each passing year it becomes more difficult.

As we prepare to begin the new liturgical cycle now is time for each of us to look at ourselves and ask in what ways are we not willing to embrace the full message of the gospel. What are the parts of our faith that we consider less important or worse yet dismiss all together.

How will the next liturgical year be different, how will we be different?