Thursday, March 21, 2013

Intersection of traditions

Today we mark not only the first day of Spring but for your Persian friends it is the first day of the New Year, Nuruz, literally the new day. Our Jewish brothers and sister have already begun cleaning of the house, the removal of leaven in preparation of Erev Pesach, on Monday, and the days of Passover.

On Monday here in the Diocese of Richmond we will gather at the Cathedral for the Chrism Mass at which the bishop will bless the new oils: Oil of Catechumens, Oil of the Sick, and Chrism( used for Baptism, Confirmation, and Ordination). Thursday our Tabernacles will be open and empty, waiting for the newly consecrated Eucharist, and Holy Saturday we will light a new Easter Candle, bless new water, and welcome new members.

For all of us it is time of new beginning. Starting something new requires letting go of the some things that are old. These last 7 days of Lent are a great time to take one last look around inside our own house, and see what in us we still need to sweep out so we can truly start new.