Friday, March 29, 2013

Not Just Good but Great

In the Orthodox Churches today is referred to as Great and Holy Friday. In Spanish it is referred to as Holy Friday. In the English-speaking world we call it simply Good Friday. Whatever name you use today is the day when Christian commemorate the greatest sacrifice in the history of the universe, the day when God, the second person of the Trinity, Jesus, willingly suffered the excruciating death on the cross.

What more could God possibly do to convince us how much we are loved? How could anyone look at a crucifix and doubt for a moment that God loves them?

God could have chosen to save us in any way at all, but he chose to die a slow and painful death, to sacrifice himself completely for us. That is the God of Christianity.

Today as in churches around the world we walk the way of the cross, as we celebrate the Passion of The Lord, as we fast, as we remember, let us truly feel the depths of God's love.