Friday, April 12, 2013

Having what we need

In today's gospel the disciples look at the crowd and cannot for a moment imagine where they could possibly get enough food to feed such a multitude. Jesus see something different he see five loaves and two fish, 7, the perfect number. Enough for everybody the crowd there present and the whole world symbolized in the 12 (number of tribes of Israel) baskets of left-overs.

How many of us like the disciples look at what we have and compared to the multitude we judge it to be little or insufficient? If we take another look at our lives how many of us have everything we truly need, and then some? The emptiness we often feel is not because we do not have what we need but because we do not avail ourselves of what we have. God, his Church, other people surround us. If you have an Internet connection and are reading this blog, chances are slim that you do not have access to something you truly need. You may, of course, have to ask for help. But that's ok.

In John's gospel a miracle story is never just miracle story, there are always layers and layers of meaning, even there God provides more than meets the eye.