Monday, April 8, 2013

Shared Submission

Just as the history of the Jewish People begins with a life- changing call, the call of Abraham, so Christian History brings with the call of a young lady named Mary, a moment we call the Annunciation.

Usually we celebrate the Annunciation on March 25, nine months before, Christmas. This year however, March 25 the Monday of Holy Week and the eight days after Easter are the Octave. So today is the first available day and so for 2013, April 7 is the Annunciation of The Lord.

Abraham, Genesis tells us, "went." Mary's response is captured in the Latin word "Fiat", let it be done. Both model total trust of and submission to the will of God.

In Arabic we know the word for submission to God, Islam. What we may not know is that this word shares the same root (s-l-m) as the words for peace and wholeness. All three monotheistic religions share one basic truth: If we want wholeness or a true sense of peace the only path is answer of Mary, Let it be done unto me according to thy word.