Saturday, August 31, 2013

Yeah Philly!!

No I don't mean the city. Today's first reading opens with Paul telling the people of Thessolonica that there is no need for anyone to write to them regarding "fraternal charity" (philadelphia).

Like most of us its not that they don't know what they should do. They know very well how they should treat one another. They just don't do.

In order to do this better Paul gives them three simple instructions:
to aspire to live a tranquil life,
to mind your own affairs,
and to work with your own hands

The first comes from the Greek which literally means "sit still." How often during the day do we just stop, even for 15 mins. And even when we stop our bodies, can we keep our minds from racing.

Second, "mind your own business." How much of our day do we waste talking about or getting upset about what someone else did or didn't do, the way we think they should. Once more St. Paul reminds us that we are doing well if we busy ourselves keeping our own lives on the right track.

Thirdly "work with your own hand", the balance for item one. On the one hand we need to sit still on the other hand we need to create, to build, physical activity by which we add to the world in which we live.

In a sense St. Paul has given us a very short daily checklist.