Saturday, June 21, 2014

Don't what?

The commandment in today's gospel may be even more difficult than the commandment to love your enemies. Don't worry. But if we look carefully, it's not as hard as you think.

First we have to distinguish between worry and concern. We should show concern, not only for our own lives but for the world in which we live. Striving to do the will of God should be our daily concern.

Worry is concern mixed with fear. Worry not only doesn't help but can actually impair our ability to engage in the kind of deliberation that should guide our choices. The gospel today invites to perfect trust, trust grounded in love, and love casts out all fear.

Is it possible to not worry? Yes, to the extent that we can trust. And we can trust only to the extent that we allow ourselves to believe that we are loved.

Believe that you truly are the beloved child of God, and you have taken the first step toward a worry-free life.