Monday, June 30, 2014

What's on your mind?

Today's response to the psalm is like a glass of cold water in the face to wake you up.

Remember this, you who never think of God.

Even as hyperbole it seems odd to have us repeat that over and over again. And yet it is worth taking time to reflect on the question. How often during the course of the day do we actually think of God? In what circumstances do we turn our minds to God? Certainly in prayer, but what percentage of the day is that? When we are in need we turn to God or when something bad happens. What about the time when we are working. Is God a part of that? But what about when things are going well, when we are having fun.

Some folks act as if you can't have fun and think of God, as if the very mention of God should suck all of the fun out of the moment. As I sit here on my porch, the sound of the birds reminds me of God, the beautiful tree in full bloom across the street reminds me of God. There should be no corner of our life from which God is excluded.

Today's response is not an indictment; it's a challenge. Today pay attention to the rhythm of an ordinary day in your life. Are there any aspects of your daily life where God tends to get pushed aside? Look for those things at work, at home, in your travel,that can serve as reminders.

There is never a moment when God is not thinking of each of us individually. The least we can do is return the favor.