Monday, September 15, 2014

Real Sorrow

IWhile we may tend to underestimate the suffering of Jesus because he was God, there should be no downplaying of the suffering of his mother. While she was preserved from sin, she was not preserved from pain. She like all good mothèrs felt her child's pain. 

The tradition identifies seven painful moments:

1.the prophecy of Simeon. 
2. the flight into Egypt, knowing her child was in danger
3. the loss of the child in the temple, how many parents have felt that terror what a child is missing only briefly?
4.  Mary watching her Son on the road to Calvary. 
5. The moment of his death 
6.  The placing of the body in her arms
7.  The placing of his body in the tomb. 

Every parent who has lost a child knows 5-7. No words can describe it. 

Today's memorial we call Our Lady of Sorrows. 

In the Old Testament the number 7 represents perfection. If Mary who was preserved from sin suffered the perfect suffering, why are we so silly as to think our suffering is some punishment from for sin. The Letter to the Hebrews reminds us that it is instead, the path to perfection. 

Today as we recall the sorrows of Mary, we pray for all who are in sorrow today in a special way parents who will lose their children. May god be their strength.