Friday, June 3, 2016

The sacred heart

While some religions avoid religious images, Christianity is filled with them because at the center of our Christian faith is the belief that at one particular moment in time, God became a flesh and blood human being. Jesus Christ was truly God and truly human. That nexus of the human and divine is captured artistically in the image of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus —a truly human heart, afire with divine love, surrounded by the crown of thorns, shedding blood, and wounded. 

For me to attempt to explain it would be to rob it of it's power. I will say that for me, it is a reminder of what all our hearts should be and can be thanks to Pentacost event, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, when God shared his divinity with us. 

There are literally thousands of images of the sacred heart, sagrado coraz√≥n, sacre coeur, etc. Today we celebraste the heart of Jesus as our highest level of celebration a Solemnity. I would invite every one to go online search for images of the sacred heart, find the one that speaks to you, and loose yourself in God's love.