Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Today's unusual feast

Today we celebrate a biblical event that we have become so accustomed to we don't realize how odd it was. The Gospel tells us that Mary went to visit Elizabeth and stayed three months. What the Bible never tells us is why.

It's worth noting that the story does not mention Joseph at all. Travel at that time for a woman was neither safe nor easy. It's not like she got in her car and drove over to visit a friend who is also pregnant. The Scriptures make the point of telling us that she went into the hill country. Is this merely a geographical reference or is it telling us that she was going into hiding? It may well be that by this point the gossip around the village had become too much to bear.or perhaps, she simply went to help her older pregnant relative.

We will also never know anything about what transpired in those three months. One can only imagine the conversations these two women might've had. Having both experience the miraculous power of God, they could understand one another.
Despite all the mystery still surrounding these events, the Gospel writers felt it important to include the story, and today we celebrate these two women and their time together.  

But let us also take a moment today and pray for pregnant women especially those pregnant and living in very difficult circumstances.