Thursday, February 4, 2010

I am going the way of all flesh

The words of David in the first reading this morning, and we continue to use this expression without stopping to think how Christ radically transformed the meaning of these words.

At the time David uttered them with a sense that he was passing out of existence.  When Jesus rose from the dead we do not believe that his mortal body remained in the tomb, and some ghostly figure rose from the dead, as it is often depicted in movie. We believe that all of Jesus rose from the dead.

In the same way the Catechism of Catholic Church state unequivocally that "The 'resurrection of the flesh' (the literal formulation of the Apostles' Creed) means not only that the immortal soul will live on after death, but that even our 'mortal body' will come to life again." (CCC 990)

How should this impact my life today? I should see my body not as something disposable, but as an integral part of who I am and a precious gift from God.  Everything choice about what I do to or with my body should keep this truth in the forefront of my mind.

For a Christian, "the way of all flesh" should mean the way to resurrection and eternal life. May we live each moment on that path.