Monday, February 8, 2010

Where does God dwell?

 In the first reading today,  Solomon proclaims, " The LORD intends to dwell in the dark cloud;
I have truly built you a princely house, a dwelling where you may abide forever.” Solomon could've had no idea however that God had another plan. God had already built the temple that  he intended to be his ultimate dwelling place. he had built this dwelling place on the sixth day of creation, and when he looked at it, he saw that it was "very good."

 Would he inhabit this dwelling place immediately? In a way. We believe that in every human being there is a divine spark. But it would not be until the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that the  dwelling place which God had built for himself so long ago would be fully inhabited.

Two thousand years later, every human being is still given the opportunity to be the "princely house" that  Solomon proclaimed. From the moment that we receive the sacrament of baptism we become that "holy of holies"  as the Holy Spirit comes to rest on each of us, and  God indeed does abide with us forever.