Friday, February 5, 2010

St. Agatha

As we celebrate Black History Month, we may not have taken note that January was Anti-Human Trafficing month and February 1 national Freedom Day.
Today's saint, Agatha, is the story of a woman who was taken hostage, tortured, abused, and finally killed because of her rejection of the sexual advances of a powerful man.
Today, slavery, more politely called human trafficking, is still alive and well even in the U.S. Worldwide it is projected to include 600-800 thousand people, and here in the U.S. some 14-17 thousand people. Some sources project that there are more slaves in the US today than when Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation, many of whom are held in the sex trade.
On this the feast of St. Agatha, let us remember all those who are being abused and the prayer of St. Agatha

Saint Agatha, you suffered sexual assault and indignity because of your faith. Help heal all those who are survivors of sexual assault and protect those women who are in danger. Amen