Friday, January 20, 2012

Acknowledging the end

In the first reading today Saul comes to grips with the fact that his reign will come to an end and David will one day have what was his.
While we all on some level know that our time on this planet is limited, we can at times behave as if we will live on earth forever. We hold on to power and possessions, and even our own opinions and point of view as if our life depended on it. In fact the gospel teaches us the opposite our life depends not on holding on but letting go, the virtue of detachment.

In the first reading today there might have been a literal battle but Saul's humility enabled them to avoid it. While we may not deal with battles and armies, we can all too easily be drawn into battles of a different kind.

Are there times when we must stand our ground? Most certainly. But are there also times when we like Saul need to step back?

Perhaps today we may need to take time to look at ourselves and ask where we need to let go,