Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The First Native Born Saint

When we think of saints, all too often think of the think of the roman style statue of beautiful figures draped in flowing fabric. While it may make beautiful art, it can also make us think that sainthood is something far removed from us. It can help us to forget that we are all called to be saints. One of the most important accomplishments, I believe, in the pontificate of John Paul II was the addition of over 200 new saints,many rather ordinary people with families.
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton the first saint born in what would become the United State, a wife and mother, one who came to Catholicism later in life, reminds us that saintliness is possible and is indeed what God calls all of us to be.
Today let us not only remember her and honor her. Let us also turn to her for intercession and imitate her. American saint today.