Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blaming others

The idea of blaming others for our mistakes is not new, as the first reading today reminds us, it is as old as history. Sarai (not yet Sarah) could not be patient and trust God to fulfill his promise. She encourages Abram to sleep with Hagar and then after Ismael is born, she takes out her anger and jealousy on the mother and child. Imagine how different the story might have been if Sarai had trusted God and waited or even after her first mistake, been willing to accept the consequences and respected Hagar and Ismael.

It is all to human when we make mistakes to feel embarrassment. Rather than getting defensive and angry how about we just name this mistake as soon as possible own responsibility and move forward.

Some people found the new translation of the confiteor "excessive" with "through my fault through my fault through my most grievous fault." I think more than ever we need to say those words.

On TV we hear a lot of people talking about the need to take responsibility but they always seems to be talking about someone or some group other than themselves. Rather than looking outward how about we each look inward. I think we will find plenty to occupy our time.