Monday, June 3, 2013

Great story telling

This week we read our way through the book of Tobit, while accepted by the Council of Carthage and confirmed by Trent to be the inspired word of God. It is rejected by some Christians.

Unlike Sirach, rather than being a book of teachings, it is a narrative, a story. As a matter of fact a great story: a man, his son, a woman, a demon, an angel are the main characters, with a plot that shows the ups and downs of life and how God works.

His name Tobit, means" God is my good." In a world of not just pagans but animosity toward the one true God he risks everything to do what is right. The act that gets him in the most trouble is burying dead Israelites, as the law of God commands. This is where our story opens.

Tobit is doing well in exile in Ninevah. He has a wife Anna, a son Tobiah, friends at a festival. He even sends his son out to invite poor Israelites to the festival. Having found one who had been strangled, he buries him. He is living the life of a good observant Jew and all is well.

Wait til tomorrow.