Wednesday, June 5, 2013

One yes, one no

Today's first reading we see two different characters. On the one hand Tobit, so depressed he is crying, and praying for God to take his life. He would rather die than go through what he is going through.

The other is a new character introduced into the narrative, Sarah. In short she has been married 7 times, and each time before the marriage is consummated a demon kills her husbands. She is accused if strangling them. We find her so hopeless that she is about to go to her room and hang herself. At the last minute she prays:

Blessed are you, O Lord, merciful God,
and blessed is your holy and honorable name.
Blessed are you in all your works for ever!”

God answers both their prayers. Enter the angel Rafael.

For Sarah's part Rafael drives away and she ends up married to Tobit's son Tobiah.

For Tobit's part God does not give him what he wants, he gives him what he needs. Rafael restores his sight.

Sometimes God allows us to be pushed beyond our limits, as we know them, to show us who we really are. Often we are stronger than we know, filled with his grace we are far more than we can imagine.