Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What comes first

This week we jump back to the book of Genesis and we pick up at the point where Abram (Not yet Abraham) and Lot separate. Abram gives the choice to Lot, and judging by first impression and appearance picks what looks best. Abram take what's left and moves his tents to Hebron, to the terebinth of Mamre.

We could say much about the process of choosing but it is another detail that the Spirit drew me to today, the end. When Abram gets to his new home, what did he do? He built an altar to The Lord.

It used to be a standard part of tradition for Catholics to have their houses blessed and to decorate their homes with some religious articles, and it was not unusual to see, often on the chest of drawers in the bedroom a kind of altar.

This practice served several purposes. The objects in various rooms reminded us of the constant presence of God, and served as a constant call to prayer. The blessing of the house reminded us that a house is not just a house or home, it is "the domestic church." It also served as a way of thanking God for the simple gift of having a home. How many homeless do we have right here in the USA.

Today look around your living space. It tells you a lot about a person's priorities. Where does God fit in?